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Affordable Dentures

Published February 6, 2024
In a perfect world, money wouldn't be a factor when deciding which dentures are best for you. But the reality for most people is that cost counts. So if you think you need full or partial dentures, it's easy to understand why you'd want to find quality, affordable dentures. Affordable dentures provide value for your money. With affordable dentures, you get a well-made set of dentures fit by a skilled dentures dentist at a reputable lab. Don't confuse affordable dentures with cheap dentures, which rarely provide a customized fit. What seems like a deal at first often results in more discomfort and requires more maintenance in the long run.
Cost Considerations
Finding affordable dentures starts with knowing exactly what you need. Is this your first set of dentures or a replacement set? Will you need to have a tooth extraction through oral surgery? Do you need partial dentures or a full set? Will you choose standard, removable dentures, and if so, what material will you pick? Or will you opt for dental implants? Your dentist is the best resource for the answers to these questions. Here’s how these factors affect the price of dentures: 
Full vs. Partial Dentures A full set of dentures usually costs more than partial dentures. Some partial dentures, however, require precision measuring to make sure they fit between existing teeth, which will cost more than a full set of dentures. 
Denture Materials Dentures can be made of various materials, each providing an increasing level of comfort and costing more. For example, acrylic denture bases are the most common and are less expensive than flexible or soft-type dentures. 
Removable vs. Fixed Dentures Dental implants, which involve surgically implanting metal rods into the jawbone for a more secure fit, cost more than standard, removable dentures. The more rods implanted, the more expensive the denture. 
Dentures Dentist If this is your first set of dentures, you may need to see an oral surgeon to have your teeth extracted and a separate dentist to fit your dentures. If you choose to see a prosthodontist, a dental specialist who has undergone three years of additional training in replacing missing teeth and restoring damaged teeth, it may cost more than getting dentures from a general or cosmetic dentist
Payment Options If you have dental insurance, find out if dentures are partially or fully covered. If you don’t, talk to your dentist about deferring payments. Many dentists will try to work with you to develop a payment plan you can afford. 
Realistic Expectations
Even if you can’t afford to have custom designed teeth in the same shape and color as your favorite movie star, it doesn’t mean you can’t find quality, affordable dentures. But no matter what type you get, dentures will take some getting used to. Most people adjust to dentures within a few weeks. If you experience any residual discomfort or soreness, speak with your dentist
Your dentures dentist will also tell you how to take care of your dentures. The better you care for them, the longer they’ll last. Your dentures will also periodically need to be adjusted for a proper fit, known as a denture reline
Affordable dentures can last awhile, so think of your initial expense as an investment in the future. And don’t forget the value you can’t put a price tag on eliminating the discomfort, embarrassment and inconvenience of missing teeth. Only your dentist can tell you if dentures are right for you and if so, which type you might need. If you don’t have a dentist, we can help you find one.
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