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Published February 6, 2024
We know that feedback is important in helping us improve our services and to help you find the right dentist. That’s why we use dentist reviews from real patients like you, so you know you can rely on them to help you feel comfortable and confident with your dentist. We love our member dentists and we know you will too. To read dentist reviews, all you need to do is search for a dentist, select one and then you’ll be able to read all the reviews to see what other patients have to say.
Visiting a dentist can be stressful for many patients, especially those with dental anxiety. Having regular dental visits are important to maintaining healthy teeth and gums though, and we hope our dentist reviews will help ease some of the apprehension. Modern dentistry has your comfort in mind, with many dentists offering sedation options to help patients feel calm before, during and after dental treatment, whether you’re having a tooth filling or a root canal
While you’re reading the free dentist reviews, it can be hard to know what to look out for. We’ve listed a few aspects that may help improve your experience at the dentist below:

Office environment

One of the best things you can gather from reviews you might not get off a website is the office environment. Look out for people complimenting a dentist surgery on their professionalism, friendliness, understanding and patience, as well as notes on cleanliness and décor. Dental practices with great customer service and a clean environment can help ease any anxiety and nerves, making it a more pleasant experience overall.

Payment options

Dental emergencies can strike at any time, whether your wallet is ready for them or not. Fortunately, many dentists accept a wide range of insurance policies and payment options, which can help take some of the financial stress away. Most dentists will list some of these options on their website, or you can read the comments to see what other people have to say about finance options at a dentist. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 1-800-DENTIST and we’ll find you a practice that suits you budget and needs.

Facilities for Children

Kids are drawn to accidents like magnets are to a fridge, which can result in more than one dental emergency during their childhood. Especially if there’s a lot of blood, dental injuries can be just as scary for you as they are for the child. Some dental surgeries recognize this, and have created spaces that are family-friendly, with patient and understanding staff and lots of little additions for youngsters. Give the reviews a read, and you might even find one with a play area to keep the child (or any siblings you had to bring along) occupied during any waiting time.

Updated technology

While having the latest technology isn’t always a must, it can help with ensuring your treatment goes as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Having additional technologies available at a dental practice can help when you’re experiencing a dental emergency too. For example, some dentists with denture labs onsite can help repair or create new ones much faster than ones without. Depending on what treatment you need, finding a dentist with updated or specialized technology can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Our dentist reviews

Why not check out some of our free dentist reviews to check out how a great dentist can improve your dental experience. Here are some of our favorites:
Christine W. | The Best Dentist Ever 🙂
I became Dr Goldenberg’s patient on an emergency dentist visit! My own dentist’s front office would not give me an appointment for 2 weeks, though I had broken a tooth. When I called the office, one of the angels who works there said “of course we will help you”. I went in the next day and Dr Andy fixed my tooth. He is the best! And his entire office staff is like a family. The moment you walk in the door, you are greeted and made to feel welcome. If you have any anxiety about dental visits, Dr Andy is for you.
Sarah G.  |   Environdental is the best dentist I have gone ever!
I love going to Environdental. Everybody is like friends or family to me. And they treat me really well. I love their attention to details and the vibe. I feel safe in that environment, and that is something really important when going to a dentist! because.. who is not scared of going to the dentist? They are highly prepared and with tons of experience. It is so convenient that they are in downtown Los Angeles. Will for sure recommends my friends and family to have Environdental as their primary dentist!
Alla K.  |  The best dentistry in Chicago!
I was on business trip in Chicago and had a dental emegency case. I called many dental offices and received a call back only from this office. I came to the office in a few hours and they took great care of me, so I could finish my work in Chicago and made it home to NYC. The office was very clean and well equipped. My doctor (a woman) was not in rush and explained me everything about my situation in details. In general it was one of the best dental experiences in my life. I highly recommend this office! 
Carolyn M.  |  The best! Kind, helpful, & afffordable.
I needed an emergency extraction of a decaying wisdom tooth, I had been to ER the night before and was exhausted! I called them and they got me in the next morning! The clinic was very easy to find and there was no wait! All of the staff was friendly! She got my tooth out in one piece so fast! She was so patient and caring I want her to be my primary! Even the assistant was very attentive and caring! We talked about personal things and they really made me feel safe. With all this great care in the end they gave me a nice discount as I had no insurance at the time and am a single mother. Thank you all so much again! See you all soon!
Scott M.  |  My Go To Team of Pros.
Walk in and obviously clean. They are right on the ball with you hardly any wait time but lobby has TV. Friendly from front desk to Dr working on your teeth. Explain thoroughly what treatment is needed and the best thing is this place takes Medi-Cal if you happen to be low income and the county is assisting you. 6th and Burlington in Downtown LA right across from Food 4 Less so its local to me. Just be careful when you are leaving and dont walk behind the front desk and appear to be either stealing or trying to get a job there! LOL…i did this and everyone got a good laugh at the “mouse who was looking for the cheese in the maze” I was lost…Great Place deserves more than 5 stars! 
Donna C.  |  Recommended
I found Dr. Hasan over the Labor Day weekend as I was calling around to find someone fix my broken tooth. Not only was his dentist office open on a Saturday (and a holiday weekend) I was able to be seen immediately. Dr. Hasan has a friendly demeanor and a calming approach as he’s working his craft. He did a good job on the crown I needed and I’ve been back for filling replacements and cleaning. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, friendly and professional dentist, please contact Dr. Syed Hasan at Simi Family Dental! His assistants are wonderful too!
Sherry W.  |  He tried and he was really sweet
He tried and he was really sweet and the people he matched me up with were nice but way too expensive and couldnt get my dentures right away. you need to recommend the Denture Center that is located in Elizabethtown KY. They were FANTASTIC!!!! They saw me THAT day with no appt, they were super nice and kind and compassionate.and they have an onsite lab and I had my dentures the next day!!! The lab tech is a denture artist!! absolutely LOVE this place! And rather than $2000 per plate, my set of temporariey dentures that will become my permanents in 5 months only cost me $960 for the set!! whens some one want quality, afforadability ( without getting ripped off like at affordable dentures in Shepherdsville ky) and want compassion and understanding The Denture Center is the place to go! 
Brilliant Dentist & terrific staff
An incredible experience! Dr. Kshonz took me right away for same day denture repair the day before Thanksgiving! I was late arriving & Ron (the lab tech) said it might not be possible to create a whole set of temporary uppers by the end of the day. I was without teeth having misplaced my upper teeth. The Dr. & his Assist Leyla proceeded to take measurements, suggest color & consult with me in detail along with Ron who is a terrific person who came back from the lab after analysis of what I needed & surprised me by staying late just to complete my work before the holiday. I arrived at the office at 10 AM & waited in the most comfortable surroundings until they were ready by about 7 PM. Ron returned having gone back & forth to the lab to get my teeth just perfect. They are “temporaries” however I love them more than I loved my lost custom made permanent teeth. I arrived home at 8:30. I actually cried when the Dr. & Ron told me they would work overtime to make my holiday a great one. I can’t tell you how grateful I am as I was planning on not leaving the house til after the holiday weekend & living on Oatmeal thru the Thanksgiving holiday. I was in the most comfortable surroundings for the entire day. The office is magnificent. I took a stack of Dr. Todd’s cards and will recommend him to everyone I know. Many thanks to the office staff: Cheryl, Helene, Leyla Ley & Hannah. The nicest most lovely people & I will remember them every Thanksgiving with gratitude for a long time to come wishing them all good things for their dedication to their work & the compassion in their hearts.
After you’ve read our free dentist reviews and found the right one for you, all you need to do is call to book an appointment and get the dental care you need. If you need any help, you can call one of our operators at 1-800-DENTIST.
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