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Searching for a dentist is a complicated hassle

Our process simplifies the work to find a dentist. All you have to do is call and we’ll instantly find you a local dentist that is open and available to see you, no strings attached.

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It’s hard to know which dentist to trust

Our dentists have been vetted and qualified so you can rest assured that you (and your teeth) are in safe hands.

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Being in pain is exhausting and frustrating

Whether its a toothache or a dental emergency, we understand that you need relief now. We’ll connect you quickly to a dentist so you can be pain-free.

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Covering 25,000 zip codes nationwide, we have helped over 12 million people reach our trusted dental partners over 30 years.


Top 5 Questions to Ask
When Choosing a Dentist

We know finding the right fit can be daunting. Here are a few questions to ask so you feel comfortable and confident with your dental match.

When you're considering a new dental office, it's essential to understand how you can manage the financial aspects of your dental care. By asking about payment options, you can find out if the dental office accepts your insurance, credit cards, or if they offer payment plans that suit your budget. This information will help you plan for your dental treatments more effectively.

You want to make sure that the dental office can address your specific dental needs. By asking about the services they offer, you can determine if they provide a comprehensive range of treatments, including the ones you require, such as preventive care, orthodontics, oral surgery, or cosmetic procedures. This question helps you assess whether the dental office is the right fit for your unique oral health needs.

Building trust in your dental care is crucial. You may feel more comfortable with a dental office that has a history of successful treatments and satisfied patients. By asking how long they've been in practice, you can get a sense of their experience and reliability, which can give you more confidence in the care they provide.

Dental emergencies can happen at any time, and it's important to know that the dental office can assist you in such situations. By inquiring about emergency appointments and services, you can ensure that they can provide prompt care when you need it urgently. This question helps you be prepared for unexpected dental issues and assures you that the dental office can be there for you when it matters most.

Effective communication is key in your dental care. If you're not fluent in English, it's essential to know if the dental office staff can speak your preferred language, such as Spanish. This ensures that you can comfortably express your concerns, understand treatment instructions, and discuss your oral health in a language you're comfortable with. This question reflects the dental office's commitment to accommodating your language needs and making your experience as smooth as possible.


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